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Running Electric to my Land Plot

Running Electric to my Land Plot
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Basics of Running Electric to Land PlotRunning Electric to my Land Plot in Phuket image

Due to the costs of installing a new electric supply, confirming the existance of an existing electricity supply to your land plot is a crucial issue to consider prior to purchase. Electricity is the most important utility and potentially the most costly in terms of new installations.

If your on a public road that has more than 20 homes the electric company should have the electric poles up and electric wires run already. Your cost will be in bringing it to the house.

You will need the following before bidding the job out: do I want single phase or 3-phase, how many amps do I require and distance to the nearest grid.

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Phuket has it ALL

Again Forbes named Thailand as one of the best places in the World for retirement. With delicious food, white sand beaches and a relaxed vibe, Phuket is simply paradise. Whether your looking to buy land near the beach or something in town, Phuket property offers something for just about everyone.

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A Local Phuket Broker

Imagine buying land and building a luxurious private pool villa in a much sought after tropical paradise that generates rental income and increases in value over time. As a Broker, our agency is excellent in providing the local property knowledge and the best investment options that Phuket has to offer.

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Broker Services

Determining your buying power in the Phuket real estate market is critical, as a realtor we can help shorten the process. With no current Phuket multiple listing service (MLS), assisting you plots of land for sale is our specialty. We will arrange property viewings and most importantly we will negotiate the best deals for you.

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