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Running Electric to my Land Plot

Running Electric to my Land Plot
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Basics of Running Electric to Land PlotRunning Electric to my Land Plot in Phuket image

Due to the costs of installing a new electric supply, confirming the existance of an existing electricity supply to your land plot is a crucial issue to consider prior to purchase. Electricity is the most important utility and potentially the most costly in terms of new installations.

If your on a public road that has more than 20 homes the electric company should have the electric poles up and electric wires run already. Your cost will be in bringing it to the house.

You will need the following before bidding the job out: do I want single phase or 3-phase, how many amps do I require and distance to the nearest grid.

Costs of Running Electric to my Land Plot

If your land is isolated, the costs can be considerable for running electric. Imagine pulling high tension power lines 2 kilometers and adding a new transformer. This could cost upwards of 1M baht and the provincial electric authority is not know for subsidizing. Therefore, you can see the importance of considering these issues when looking at land for sale.Running Electric with Transformer Image

If we are only talking about 200m from the nearest grid the costs can be reasonable. There are many electric contactors on the island that can perform this work. Here are some examples.

(Quote #1)  Main powerline, single phase (THWA 1×16 alu), 220m runbreaker box and main breaker, above ground with power poles and isolators.  48,000 THB

(Quote #2)  Main powerline, single phase (NYY 1×6 copper), 220m run, breaker box and main breaker, below ground with HDPE pipe.  105,000 THB

(Quote #3)  3-Phase is about tripple the price.

That’s not all…

Keep in mind that you can only apply for a “proper” government meter once you have the house book. Until then, you will be using a “temporary” government meter.

Wondering how many Amps you need? Oven (3,000W), Microwave (1,400W), Refrigerator (2,200W), Dishwasher (2,400W), Washer/Dryer (4,400W), Air Cons (1,200W ea), Pool Pump (1,800W), plus electrical outlets, lights, ceiling fans and well water pump. Roughly 150 Amps at 220V. Or course consult your electrician, the above is just an estimate.

Electrical Contractors:

Keehin Electric Phuket – 076 261 450

German Electic –  076 526 578

Phuket Home Services – 076 324 400

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